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How to Wear a Beret Without Looking Funny: Expert Tips for Styling Success

Berets have been a quintessential fashion statement for years, synonymous with elegance and a touch of Parisian chic. However, mastering the art of wearing a beret can be a challenge for some. The key to pulling off this timeless accessory is finding the right balance between style and comfort, ensuring the beret complements your overall look without making you feel self-conscious.

One common mistake people make when wearing a beret is placing it too high on the forehead or too low, resulting in an unusual appearance. To avoid this, it is crucial to position the beret flat on top of the head, about three-quarters of the way up the forehead, and an inch behind the ears, with the brim tucked in to keep it in place [^1^].

In addition to proper placement, it's essential to consider the overall outfit and how the beret will fit within the ensemble. Choosing the beret's color, material, and style can greatly influence the final outcome, creating a harmonious and stylish appearance.

Understanding the Parisian Chic

The Parisian chic look is all about embracing simplicity and elegance. One timeless accessory that can help you achieve this style is the beret. Wearing a beret without looking funny requires understanding the key elements of the Parisian chic style and knowing the do's and don'ts of beret styling.

Choosing the right beret is crucial. Opt for a basic color such as black, navy, or beige to keep your look versatile and easy to pair with different outfits. Avoid embellished berets or bright colors as they can draw unnecessary attention and clash with the minimalist approach of Parisian chic.

When wearing a beret, it's important to position it correctly on your head. Place the front edge of the beret just beyond your hairline and the back edge close to the nape of your neck. Tuck the brim under the beret to secure it in place. Keep everything centered and raised for a symmetrical, structured look that still has a French formality to it.

Incorporate other elements of Parisian chic into your outfit to complement your beret. Pair it with a trench coat and a pair of jeans, sneakers, or heels depending on your mood. Stick to neutral tones and limit patterns and prints for a more authentic French vibe.

Lastly, remember that less is more. Keep your makeup minimal when wearing a beret to avoid looking over-the-top. French women are known for their less-is-more approach to makeup, so choose muted colors and focus on defining your features naturally.

By following these simple guidelines, you can wear a beret without looking funny and effortlessly channel the Parisian chic style.

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Beret

Choosing the Right Beret

When selecting a beret, consider factors such as size, material, and color. A well-fitting beret should comfortably sit on your head without feeling too tight or loose. Try different beret materials, such as wool or cotton, to find one that suits your style and comfort preferences. Also, choose a color that complements your outfit and personal taste.

Wearing the Beret Properly

To wear a beret correctly, place it flat on your head with the brim covering the top of your forehead. Then, pull down the back or the side to secure the hat to your head ^1^. You may also opt to wear the beret towards the back of your head, with the band at your hairline and the bottom brim at the base of your neck ^2^.

Pairing the Beret With the Outfit

Pair your beret with outfits that complement its style. For a chic and sophisticated look, wear your beret with a tailored coat or blazer. If you prefer a casual style, consider pairing your beret with a chunky sweater or a denim jacket. Remember to coordinate the color of your beret with your outfit and choose accessories that enhance the overall look.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When wearing a beret, avoid common mistakes that can make you look funny or out of place. Do not wear the beret too tight or too loose on your head, as this can lead to a frumpy appearance. Additionally, don't pair a beret with overly formal clothing or an outfit with too many competing patterns ^3^. Keep your outfit choices simple and elegant to let the beret truly shine as a bold fashion statement.

Guides On Different Beret Styles

Traditional French Beret

The traditional French beret is a timeless accessory that can elevate any outfit. To wear it without looking funny, consider a neutral color, like black or navy, to ensure it blends seamlessly with any ensemble. Slightly tilt the beret to one side for a more relaxed and natural look. Pair it with a minimal or muted makeup and accessories like a scarf or striped shirt, which will evoke a classic French vibe.

Military Beret

Wearing a military-style beret is an excellent way to add a touch of authority to your outfit. Position the beret so that the brim sits comfortably on your forehead, pulling it slightly back to avoid an overly rigid appearance. Pair it with structured jackets, cargo pants, or long coats to achieve a polished and powerful look. For the perfect balance between refined and casual style, combine your military beret with jeans and a tailored blazer.

Fashion Beret

A fashion beret is a contemporary and versatile option for adding personality to your wardrobe. These berets often come in eye-catching colors or unique patterns which can be the focal point of your outfit. When wearing a bold beret, keep your outfit neutral or muted, to let the hat take center stage. Alternatively, experiment with different textures or fabrics, such as lace or faux fur, to add visual interest to your look.

Step By Step Guide to Wearing a Beret

Positioning the Beret

To achieve the perfect beret look, you must position the beret correctly on your head. First, make sure the beret's headband is straight and rests no more than one inch above your eyebrows. The brim should cover the very top of your forehead. This position will help secure the beret to your head and provide a comfortable fit.

Tilting the Beret

A proper beret style involves tilting the beret to one side. After positioning the beret on your head, gently pull down the front of the beret over your eyebrow on the side you prefer. This slight tilt adds a touch of style and enhances the overall appearance of the beret. Keep in mind that your personal preference should determine the extent of the tilt, as long as it remains close to your eyebrow.

Puffing the Beret

The final step in creating a stylish beret look is puffing out the fabric. After securing the brim under the beret, gently puff out the fabric, ensuring it hides the edge of the brim. The fabric should have a relaxed appearance and not appear too stiff or flat. This will give your beret a chic, effortless look that exudes confidence and prevents you from looking funny while wearing a beret.


Wearing a beret stylishly comes down to confidence and personal style. By following a few key tips, anyone can pull off this classic accessory without looking funny.

First, ensure the beret fits properly and is comfortable on the head. It should rest slightly off-center with the excess fabric covering one side of the forehead. Feel free to experiment with different angles and placement to find the most flattering look.

Moreover, coordinate the beret with the rest of the outfit. A simple outfit can be elevated with a bold, colorful beret, while a patterned or textured beret can add interest to a minimal ensemble. Remember, balance is key when incorporating statement accessories.

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative with styling. Pair a beret with braids, a low ponytail, or loose waves for a chic and effortless appearance. Confidence is essential, so make sure to wear the beret with a sense of pride and self-assurance.

In summary, mastering the art of wearing a beret involves a combination of proper fit, thoughtful outfit coordination, and hairstyle experimentation. By following these tips, anyone can wear a beret without looking funny, showing off a timeless and stylish accessory with aplomb.

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