About US

Welcome to MspineappleCrafts, the home of bespoke hats designed to bring joy and style to everyday life. I'm the creator behind your next favorite hat, a full-time doodler turned dedicated milliner, and most importantly, a mom to an adorable two-year-old who sparked this whole adventure.

Our Story

It all began with a simple beret made for my then 2 years old son.  Seeing the joy it brought him, his smile beaming under the brim of a hat made with love, I was inspired to spread that happiness further. What started as crafting a unique piece for my child has blossomed into MspineappleCrafts, where each hat is a story, and every design is an invitation to smile.


Our Products

At MspineappleCrafts, we have large collections hats for all seasons. We also specialize in handcrafted berets, newsboy hats, straw hats, and customized hats that cater to all tastes and occasions. Each piece is lovingly made, ensuring not only style but comfort and quality. From playful patterns to elegant designs, our hats are made to be cherished and worn with pride.

Our Mission

I believe in the power of a hat to make a day brighter and a memory sweeter. Each hat I create carries a bit of the joy that my son's smile brought me that first day. My mission is to deliver not just a hat, but a piece of happiness, whether it's through a stylish beret that reminds you of Parisian chic or a sturdy straw hat perfect for sunny days.

Join Our Journey

As MspineappleCrafts continues to grow, our core remains the same: a commitment to quality, joy, and a touch of whimsy. We invite you to explore our collection and find a hat that brings you the same delight each piece brings us in the making.

Life is a beautiful adventure—why not wear a beautiful hat while you live it?